Orrong Group meets City of Stonnington

Scene of the pow wow

Orrong Group members are having more high-powered meetings than regional independent MPs. Here’s a report from our meeting with Stephen Lardner of the City of Stonnington. Stephen is the head of City Strategy with responsibility for land use and planning scheme amendments. Written by Garry Lloyd. If only Lend Lease would be so transparent about their meetings…

OG SL 8 September 2010 v2


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  1. Posted by lincoln li on September 22, 2010 at 11:37 pm

    The number of high-rise buildings and the height of towering 16-storey buildings in this proposed development is excessive.

    I am sympathetic to medium density housing development adjacent to a railway station and with each access to trams/buses but the proposed plans as they are do not bear scrutiny by local residents. Nearby high-rise apartments on the Prahran side of Orrong Rd may serve as a more acceptable height limit in maintaining a reasonable balance between apartment blocks and adjacent parklands (green lungs).

    State and local governments should be much more sensitive to community views and should take the trouble to outline new policies on medium housing development guidelines before approving major building projects. Policy guidelines should be subjected to public debate first. I am amazed at this apparent lack of proper process in public consultation.


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