Sit right down and write yourself a letter

590 Orrong Road aerogram

Orrong Group wishes you to correspond

Forget Spring; it’s officially Objection Season . It is vital for residents from all parts of Stonnington to lodge letters of objection. Council will be considering the Council Staff report this week and the application for the rezoning is listed for decision at next Monday’s Council meeting at the Malvern Town Hall.

This is a crucial stage for the campaign. Once Council has let go of the rezoning application the whole issue could be put in charge of a planning panel appointed by the Planning Minister. So please send your letter to Council – for your sake. Let’s be objectionable.

Please also contact all councillors by telephone to express your concerns and turn up in numbers to the October 4 meeting. You can write the old fashioned way or email

Yes, email is just as good as a letter, your objection is registered and you will be updated with any developments.Snail mail to PO Box 21 Prahran 3181.

OG – letter writing guide 2


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  1. Posted by Peter Matthews on September 30, 2010 at 12:25 pm

    590 Orrong Road Proposed Development
    Mayor, Tim Smith,
    I am writing to you to express our families distress about the scale, visual intrusion
    and physical impact the proposed development at 590 Orrong Road will have on
    our community.
    We are not opposed to development. We are not opposed to medium density
    development. We are not opposed to buildings of the same height limits as
    commercial buildings in our neighbourhood permitted by the planning controls
    of your council.
    We are opposed to development such as 590 Orrong Road that dominates
    our skyline with a tight cluster of 8 high rise buildings between 16 and 7 storeys.

    We request that you as our local government representative not agree to
    the `proposed planning scheme amendment` and the DPO that is suggested by
    your planning department pertaining to 590 Orrong Road, Armadale before
    there has been full disclosure, discussion and consultation with Stonnington ratepayers.

    We need clarification of the points made under the heading Content of a DPO in the
    `Preparation of a Planning Scheme Amendment`- 590 Orrong Road, Armadale
    presented to you by the Stonnington Manager : Steven Lardner and Executive
    Manager : Karen Watson. In the 2nd para they state `Once a development plan
    has been approved, permits must be generally in accordance with that plan.
    It would also exempt any application for a planning permit from notice or review
    if it is generally in accordance with the approved development plan. There are
    no rights available to third parties to object to or appeal against the merits of
    the development plan or subsequent permit applications.
    The question we need answered by you is if officers of Stonnington are
    recommending a planning amendment that disenfranchises Stonnington
    ratepayers from their democratic right to be heard and their opinions valued
    in our community?.


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