Tonu Lupton issues new statement

Tony Lupton

Read Tony Lupton's statement.

Prahran MP Tony Lupton has issued this statement.

Go ahead, read it.

 OG lupton 590 Orrong Road 170910


2 responses to this post.

  1. From Clem Newton Brown local Liberal candidate: The problem with Tony’s “statement”, as he full well knows is that whether it is Council, VCAT or the Minister deciding this issue State Planning Policy must be followed. The Brumby Labor Government’s planning policy encourages developments just like this along transport routes. Furthermore, the State Government has a specific recommendation for THIS site which is for 500 new dwellings, contained in thier own document, the Urban Development Programme (you can Google it to find a copy). The developer has applied for “just” 480 dwellings, well under what State Government wants to see on the site.

    It’s time Tony Lupton came clean about what he and his Government are actually supporting instead of passing the buck (again) to say it is all up to Council. As he knows, even if Council were to refuse it, when the matter goes to appeal to VCAT the State Planning Policy is applied.


  2. Posted by Peter Matthews on October 9, 2010 at 6:27 pm

    Reply to Tony Upton`s `press release` regarding 590 Orrong Road, Armadale.

    Tony, we are concerned when a number of times you infer in your `press release`
    regarding 590 Orrong Road, that it is solely up to the Stonnington Council to
    decide this planning issue. There is a high density overlay applied to the site
    by your government, and as we are all aware, the eventual decision will be
    made by VCAT, not Stonnington Council. Not by the local community, but
    by big government, a big corporation and big professionals, the best money
    can buy.
    Tony, as our representative in State Government we need you to listen to this
    community`s anguish about the disconnect between State Government and
    local government in regard to planning issues. Your government is suggesting
    that 500 apartments is the optimum for the 590 Orrong site, and to achieve this,
    the developer has include a cluster of 16, 15, 13, 11, 9 and 7 storey high-rise
    Tony, we need to know where you stand regarding the scale, height and
    bulk of the proposed 590 Orrong Road, Armadale development, located in
    a precinct where commercial buildings are restricted to 4 storeys and
    residential buildings are restricted to 2 storeys.
    We need to know where you stand regarding the planning amendment
    C114, DPO and MUZ that an independent professional advised will
    significantly disadvantage the local community.
    We need to know if the local community that you represent is your first
    priority and that you will instigate a public forum to debate this planning issue
    and be your community`s advocate to the Minister for Planning regarding
    the views and motions of the forum.
    Peter Matthews


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