NOW we’re talking.


590 Orrong Road Orrong Group
Council meetings are fun.


What a night! 300+ Orrong Groupies took every available seat in the Town Hall (they’d upgraded from Council Chambers in expectation but still needed extra seats).

What we saw was a display of campaigning strength that clearly made its mark on Council and councillors. Thanks to all who attended.

No comments were taken from the floor but we made our feelings known by raising our placards, eloquently speaking volumes with not a single word spoken. (Thanks Margot and Carmel for the placards and to MinuteMan on High Street for the speedy printing.)

Among other things we learnt that early meetings between council and Lend Lease were “confidential”. How quaint.

Anyhoo, the upshot is that council has declared a deferral for its rezoning decision. For how long is currently unclear – it may be just a fortnight but we’ll seek to push things back as far as possible to take stock, lobby and hit the streets. We’ll let you know – please subscribe to our email so we can do that easily.

Councillors Ullin, Sehr and Athanasopoulos in particular clearly stated that they felt greater community consultation was required. Here here.

We hope this will lead to a council sponsored public meeting/s at which we will speak loud, proud and long.

Tonight was an undeniable victory in what will be a protracted war. We need to build from this new base – talk to people, offer to help and stay in touch. 

Fight the towers!

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