590 Orrong Road – construction central

Wondering if it’s worth actively joining the fight? Consider how long 12 towers take to build. Consider four years of noise, dust, semi-trailers, detours and disruption. They start early and work weekends. There goes the neighbourhood. Fighting the towers now saves years of regret later. We need your help now. Too few are doing too much and we’re missing out on major opportunties. Call Brett if you want to do something. 9017 1062.

590 orrong road construction

It takes a lot of noise and inconvenience to destroy a suburb.


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  1. Posted by Joshua on March 15, 2011 at 10:59 pm

    I used to be against these developments, but with urban sprawl going out of control I now prefer these disused sites be used for residential purposes instead. For me the environment should come first but too many inner suburban residents are trying to stop medium density projects while the sprawl continues further. It’s very unsustainable and damaging to our environment and food bowl. We need to save our farms and protect our native flora and fauna. I understand the pain though. Population growth is the problem. We need to tackle that.


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