Big Wednesday, pretty big, pretty worthwhile.

590 Orrong Road Group

Time to make our feelings known.

Orrong Group’s date with destiny went pretty darn well with 500+ people attending a spirited but ultimately civil affair with channels 7 and 9 in attendance. Great to see many new faces – if you attended we need you as part of this campaign so sign up to our email and help turn this around.

Great presentation on OG’s behalf from Margot, Peter and David. Good to see the sports clubs have now decided to join the chorus of complaint and fight the towers. Armadale Primary’s principal and various others made valuable contributions from the floor. Tony Lupton, Clem Newton Borwn, Michael O’Brien and Mayor Tim Smith all spoke. More details to come. 

To those who took home posters – please display them or return them to 14 Wynnstay so we can find them a home. To our recent donors at the meeting and online – thanks.

FINALLY – the last three weeks has seen our campaign go into overdrive – the residents of Stonnington should know that at any one time there are three of four unpaid, volunteers calling, writing, researching, meeting, letterboxing on your behalf. Thanks team.  Please help them help us all avoid this calamity. It is ONLY because of their efforts that we’ve been able to put the project on hold. Goodnight.


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  1. Posted by Diana Dundon on October 27, 2010 at 2:12 pm

    We bought in Armadale because we did not want to live in South Yarra with high rise and high traffic congestion. We believed our council valued neighborhoods such as ours and we trust that they will differentiate between high density and medium density to safeguard the neighborhood. No rezoning, no more traffice congestion – High Street is already one lane for six hours of the working/retail day. And no ‘calling in’ the project to overide democracy. Enough!


  2. Posted by Margaret pittaway on October 28, 2010 at 1:59 pm


    Stonnington Council has already sold part of 590 Orrong Road to the proposed developer Lend Lease. The parcel of land is PUZ6 and was designated public use. Lend Lease will try and
    build retail shops and offices on this valuable land which should have been retained by Stonnington Council as community green space, or a public car park for people using the train.
    Stonnington Council readily admits the whole Stonnington community is seriously short of green space, so selling off public space PUZ6 to the proposed developer is absolutely disgraceful.
    Check out the development plan and see what was done behind our backs. Bad move, big mistake.


  3. Posted by George Novakovic on October 30, 2010 at 1:51 pm

    It was great to see the community turn out in such great numbers but I was terribly disappointed in the Council for its general attitude towards this community consultation.

    Why were we not allowed to distribute and collect submission forms in the town hall? Why were we prevented from using tables in the foyer for people to complete the forms ? Why was the community not thanked for their attendance or welcomed appropriately at the beginning of the meeting? Why were town hall hallkeepers instructed to behave in such an unsympathetic manner?

    Why not come clean with us Warren and Councillors. You really don’t seem to want to hear the community on this issue. We have been ignored up until now and the only reason there was a community consultation was that the Orrong Group intervened.

    I get the impression that deals have already been done and you have denied and will continue to deny the community any say.

    So, in future please spare us Council’s endless rhetoric about how important community consultation is to you. Your actions speak louder than your words and your words aren’t fooling anyone.


  4. Posted by colin jones on October 31, 2010 at 3:06 pm

    If it is true that the council has already sold the rights of way to lend lease then the mayor has no alternative but to resign immediately for misleading the public meeting . I specifically pointed out to him at the public forum that the rights of way were of critical significance to the community and would be a huge impediment to lend lease in their present application .He stated he and the council had not altered the zoning on the site nor had they changed the status of the land in question he agreed that I would be provided with all title and use details of 590 orrong rd . He had ample opportunity to inform the meeting of any land sale to lend lease and knew the impact of such a sale.Hopefully the above posting is incorrect.I would welcome a response from councillors. Colin Jones


  5. Posted by Colin Jones on October 31, 2010 at 3:30 pm

    If Margaret is correct and the property has been sold to Lend Lease, then why did the Mayor not inform the meeting when I specifically asked him about the legal status and zoning of the land at 590 Orrong Road?

    I was aware when I questioned the Mayor on the legal status and zoning that there could well be serious questions as to the status of the land.

    We must all join and contact council to make clear we want an accounting of all public owned lands within or near the 590 project, and confirm that we strongly oppose any further land transfers and want to be told at what council meeting this transfer was approved and who voted for it.

    I welcome any response or explanation from the Councillors.


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