VLL meeting report in full for the technically challenged

On Friday, 21 October the Orrong Group received a telephone call from the Executive Director of Vivas Lend Lease (VLL), Sydney, Hugh Martin seeking a meeting with representatives of the Group. We agreed to a meeting but deferred it until after the public meeting on the 27 October.  This allowed the views of the community to be aired and the Group representatives could reflect these views in the meeting with the developer. Representatives of VLL attended the Wednesday’s public meeting.

Four representatives of the Orrong Group met for an hour with Mr Martin and his public relations officer on Friday 29 October.

We will not record all the discussions here but in summary the main issues covered are as follows:-

VLL considers its development to be an `asset` to the area and is proud of its `green` and `sustainable` credentials. Mr Martin stated that new residents should not be restricted from buying into Armadale and they will bring an added vitality to the precinct.

He is surprised at the community’s criticisms about the impact the development will have on public transport and traffic. He felt that we should have realized that VLL will be negotiating with Vic Roads and Metro Trains on measures to cater for the increased demand.

When asked for the rationale for such a large scale and density VLL indicated they were encouraged by the Council and used as a guide the State Government’s planning policy for major development sites. Mr Martin was adamant that the development was not viable with less than around 500 apartments requiring the present proposed scale of development.

The reason for the increase in density introduced in the VLL August revision where a number of `towers` were joined together, 7 of the 19 town houses were removed and replaced with a 5 storey apartment block and the number of units increased to 500 was to allow for a reduction in some building heights. To date there has been minimal height decrease and a significant increase in visual bulk of the buildings.

The Orrong Group representatives referred to the mood of Wednesday`s meeting and that the community had clearly rejected the current proposal and their message to the developers was:- The community demands VLL go back to the drawing board and put forward a development proposal that would :

a)      Be more in harmony with the heritage character of the area.

b)      Be more of `an asset` to the neighbourhood,

c)      Be more `sustainable` regarding local infrastructure and community services.

d)      Be more `green` and respectful of the surrounding recreational open spaces.

VVL would like a continuing engagement with the Orrong Group with the aim of working together to finesse certain aspects of the development such as overshadowing.

OG advised VLL that we would consider the invitation but that we would need to consult the community and the Council first.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Richard Ross on November 15, 2010 at 2:18 pm

    “Mr Martin stated that new residents should not be restricted from buying into Armadale and they will bring an added vitality to the precinct.”

    This is code for “We want to lower the tone of the suburb”

    Armadale is a beautiful, boutique suburb, as is Prahran East, and we must do everything we can to retain their character.


  2. Posted by colin jones on November 15, 2010 at 2:30 pm

    The simple point is that we flatly reject the lend lease proposal. It is hopelessly flawed, I have since found out from the council that the underlying zoning for the land in question is residential . That being the case ,we should ask the council to reject the lend lease proposal outright.It is not up to us to suggest development plans .The zoning dictates that a maximum of 3 storeys be allowed.Furthermore the rights of way from orrong rd to the station and along to osmet street are owned by the council and we should insist that this remains the case regardless of any further suggestions .


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