Channel 7 covers our success

What next? Margot as guest judge on X-factor?

Seven News has aired its story on our success. Thanks to those who dropped everything to be a part of the coverage. The camerman assured us that you all looked like supermodels – and that goes for the two dogs in attendance too. Mayor Sehr featured stating that she is open to various forms of appropriate development. Vivas Lend Lease issued a written statement noting its disapointment but talking of how the setback was an opportunity to go back to the community and consult. Shucks Lend Lease – why didn’t we think of that?


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  1. Posted by Margaret Pittaway on December 22, 2010 at 9:36 am

    become something innovative,inspirational and future-oriented? Something delightful and enduring,encapsulating something artistic and cultural, welcoming and tangible? We need to launch an international/national serious competition for serious conceptual ideas encompassing landscape (ie green space eco-park),sustainable urban design re-envisioning, and infrastructure projects. This approach will ensure the community gets something that is neighbourhood friendly – whilst adding significant value,real quality and most importantly, a result we can take all pride in!
    I have already made this suggestion to Stonnington Council Planning Department. If Council wants to be recognised as leading-edge,it’s time to get rid of stock-standard developer responses,
    take up this challenge and champion the community’s more selective and higher-level expectations.


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