Calling for campaign cash

Orrong Groups 590 Orrong Road money tree

Plant one of these in Victory Square for us.

So far the Orrong Group has been fuelled with goodwill alone but now we need cash.  Printing, postage, design and lamination cost us dollars. No one receives so much as reimbursement for their calls, let alone their time. (In some case 20+ hours a week.)

If you stand to gain from our campaign please step up and donate as generously as you can.  The quicker we raise funds, the better. Now is when decisions are being made so  $100 now is worth more than $100 in three months. Donations will be formally receipted. How to donate?

Online is the simplest and easiest method

Account name: The Orrong Group

BSB: 633-000              Account Number: 141 141 853

Send cash or preferably cheque made out to ‘The Orrong Group’ to 

14 Wynnstay Road Prahran.

One response to this post.

  1. Everyone should think of the financial implications of this development to your largest asset – your home.

    You have a hell of a lot to lose, and the difference it will make if we all donate a hundred dollars (or more!) pales into insignificance compared.


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