590 Orrong Road update: May 16, 2011

Many people have joined our team

Orrong Group HQ quietly preparing for round two.

It is over five months since City of Stonnington refused Vivas Lend Lease’s massive tower proposal for 590 Orrong Road. Your Orrong Group committee has been watched the seasons change from summer to winter as it works towards ensuring a responsible outcome for 590 Orrong Road. We’ve met many times with council officers and have constant contact with ward councillors. We’re like family to them. Or stalkers.

The Committee has met with the Member for Prahran Clem Newton-Brown and a meeting with the Member for Malvern Michael O’Brien is being arranged. The meetings aim to remind the MPs that the 590 Orrong Road development played a big part in their election and we expect their continued support for our aim of achieving a well designed, low level development for this site.

The former tenants at 590 Orrong Road moved from the buildings in December and a clean-up was undertaken. Recently Vivas Lend Lease (VLL) made contact with Stonnington Council. VLL has not yet put forward further proposals but we can expect another proposal to be lodged soon so we must be ready to act.

Our “Fight the Towers” signs remain relevant and let the developers, Council and Government know that our campaign continues. So please keep the signs up and add more if you can. We’ll be hitting the laminators soon and we’ll let you know when we have another batch ready.


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