Orrong Group to create a community-driven Urban Design Framework

A UDF may have spared the Tower of Babel developers many headaches.

The Orrong Group Committee has commenced work on guidelines for the Urban Design Framwwork (UDF) and we will place a draft right here for you to read and comment. A UDF sets down design limits, expectations, non-negotiables for developers. Remarkably, there isn’t one in place at the moment.

We have access to UDFs prepared by other municipalities and we will use the 75 pages of community input published in the Council Report of 20 December. We will list a number of “non-negotiables” such as protection of the neighbourhood parks, sports grounds, the public walkway and heritage Toorak Station etc.

Please send in any ideas you have care of the contact page details. Got special expertise? Call us today.

Again this is a massive, complex, specialised task that our volunteers are taking on. Consultants charge tens of thousands to do this work. We’re doing it for nix. Go team.

Community input to date suggests that the maximum height should be no higher than the current buildings on the site and should therefore range from 2 to 3 to 4 levels. Let’s keep them low – unlike people, towers don’t shrink with age.


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  1. Heather made this comment: One option is to lobby the council to notify all stakeholders (ie Vivas Lend Lease) that Stonnington will not take applications for Orrong Rd or any other similarly affected sites until the UDF is complete.

    I have seen this done elsewhere eg in Tassie so that there was a 2 year delay inability to lodge plans while the council worked out the UDF equivalent.

    That takes time pressure off the council and prevents an application that we have to accept because it is within “current guidelines”

    Heather Mack.


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