590 Orrong Road needs an Urban Design Framework NOW.

No plan, no consultation, no limits, no good.

Here’s some jargon worth familiarising yourself with: Urban Design Framework (UDF). A UDF essentially lays down the ground rules for developers – density, heights, set backs, public vs private space etc. Without one, it’s a free for all and guess who benefits from that? Currently – amazingly – there is no UDF for the 590 Orrong Road site.

Our community was forced to commit an enormous amount of work and expense, due in part to the lack of an Urban Design Framework. We do not want to be in the same exposed position when Vivas Lend Lease comes back with another outrageous high-rise proposal.

The Orrong Group is concerned that the site lacks protection and despite all our work the developers could again put up proposals for high rise towers. Since our success last December Orrong Group has met and corresponded with Council about the need for the development of a UDF for the site, in consultation with the community.

A UDF should consider all issues – design, open space and setbacks, maximum height and density levels, parking and traffic issues and take into account the heritage and low level nature of the surrounding area – far more than just the height of the towers. Orrong Group is asking Council to:

  • Give protection to this site by urgently preparing an Urban Design Framework (UDF) in consultation with community representatives;
  • Respect the special location of this site, with its established low rise homes and shops, and the heritage ambience of the neighbourhood friendly community;
  • Aim to present the best possible design for a development that would be an asset to our city;
  • Defer any negotiations or any preferential treatment with developers and do not give any commitments or give hidden assurances on height and density levels, until this framework is in place;
  • Start the planning afresh, without any pre-conceived ideas about height and density.

In a letter dated 16 March 2011, Council states: ‘Council has undertaken some preliminary work that could inform the development of an UDF for this site. Further work has been delayed pending clarification by the owner on whether or not the development of the site is to proceed’.

That’s not nearly enough action for us so we wrote to Stonnington Council about the UDF on April 28. The letter was tabled at the Council Meeting May 2. Here it is:  UDF Letter to Mayor April 2011 (2) (2).

Here’s council’s response which we received May 11: Council respons eto UDF


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