Developers 1. Community 0. Again.

Now no more. Stand by for another steroidal Stonnington development.

Have you noticed? A last minute bid to protect and preserve another slice of gracious, understated, historical Stonnington at 652 High Street has failed. Another loss for locals. In recent years a second hand car yard was set in front of the property, now there’s nothing but dirt. Why on earth aren’t these buildings – such as this one on High Street between Williams and Orrong – protected in the first place? We Stonningtonians have been way to compliant for way too long. Though Orrong Group isn’t protecting a beautiful building the lessons remain the same:

1. organise and fight hard or we’ll lose;

2. a new government does not mean new planning outcomes;

3. developers are highly motivated – and not by a sense of community spirit.

Read more about the building’s history – and the mysterious fire that occured just as Stonnington Council was considering protection. Anyone with knowledge of the fire should contact Prahran police 9520 5200.


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