590 Orrong Road – what residential development is likely?

Bogans care of Vivas Lend Lease

590 Orrong Road residents association meeting 2013?

If; and only if, Vivas Lend Lease get the green light for a residential development at 590 Orrong Road what are we likely to have bestowed upon us? Vivas Lend Lease will likely talk of a “mix of housing options” but in truth we’ll be inundated with one and two bedroom flats as this is the most profitable option. The majority of the properties will be tenanted by far-offsite landlords. What does this mean for the character of the development? Our guess is loud; transient, nocturnal. That’s quite a mix don’t you think?

Developers now propose apartments so small and densely developed that they have no direct sunlight, instead depending on “borrowed light”.  That’s a real term folks. Once limited to a certain height, they regularly lower ceilings on each storey to fit in extra stories and more apartments. This occured at the mega-sized Toronga Road development. Need we say it once more? Fight the towers!

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