Tuesday night – here you come.

vivas lend lease under attack

And don't forget to bring your signs.

Have your butler call for your personal assistant – you have a diary date for Tuesday June 14 at 7pm when councillors will vote on whether to create an urban design framework (UDF) for 590 Orrong Road.

As we’ve previously said; a UDF is a set of ground rules that helps shape future developments  for developers such as Vivas Lend Lease for any given site. It can set limits, expectations, size, setbacks, density and scale. There is currently no UDF for the site (!) and we boldly assert that without Orrong Group’s efforts we wouldn’t be this close to getting one now. But here’s the thing:

Councillors are currently waiting on a report from council officers that will recommend at which  stage the community’s views will be considered. Unsurprisingly we believe that community views should be given highest priority. Yet again we are campaigning to achieve what should be standard operating proceedure in the first place. So yet again it’s time for Stonningtonians turn off the autodemocracy, stand up and take action. Two things:
1. Email and call our councillors. Explain politely and succintly that ratepayers and residents expect a UDF and expect to be granted maximum input into the UDF from the get-go – not as an afterthought. Tell them you are still as keen for appropriate development as you’ve ever been.
2. Join us at at Malvern Town Hall corner of High Street and Glenferrie Road next Tuesday June 14 at 7pm.
Our presence at such meetings makes a huge difference so let’s make sure every household has at least one representative.
The first email address below goes far and wide within council so is worth using. Cr Melina Sehr is of course our Mayor as well as a south ward councillor. Councillors Ullin and Smith are also south ward councillors and so particularly relevant.
City of Stonnington council@stonnington.vic.gov.au

Melina Sehr 0417 773 644

Claude Ullin 0417 773 833

Tim Smith 0418 279 548
John Chandler 0417 771 288

Tas Athanasopoulos 0417 773 255

Anne O’Shea 0419 990 377

Greg Hannan 0417 773 566

Judy Hindle 0419 993 177

Angus Nicholls 0417 770 498



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