Another battle won; war continues

Front of 590 Orrong Road Armadale

To be (somewhat) protected by an urban design framework.

A strong contingent of Orrong Groupies has just returned home after braving the cold on behalf of every Stomnningtonian. What we witnessed was enough to warm the cockles of our hearts – a unanimous resolution by Councillors to pursue an Urban Design Framework (UDF) for 590 Orrong Road. We’ll have more detail in the next 24 hours.

Thanks to all those who attended tonight’s standing-room-only meeting and those who contacted Councillors in the lead up. Councillors continue to make note of the strong community interest in 590 Orrong Road. If you see Councillors as you go about your business, make mention your appreciation of the UDF adoption. Bouquets are at least as effective as brickbats.

The land – which may or may not be developed by Vivas Lend Lease – is the biggest development site Stonnington will see in a long time and hugely impact on our community. Let’s ensure that the impact is positive. Vivas Lend Lease (which had representatives at the meeting busily jotting down notes) began by taking us for granted and said as much to our faces. That must seem like a long time ago to Vivas Lend Lease top brass. Let’s be sure that all parties continue to grow their respect for our concerns and demands.

Who knows? Maybe Stonningtonians can get the community they deserve, rather than the one they are given. We need every citizen, every dollar, every email, every skill we can muster. Fight the towers!


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