Mystery focus group invitation

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Curious and curiouser

Hot on the heels of mysterious offers from anonymous parties looking to purchase homes next to the 590 Orrong Road came an invitation from a research consultancy inviting OG to a focus group about the development. The research group refused to name its client so we refused to attend. This is what we sent them:

To: Chris Bugden, Project Co-ordinator

Dear Chris

The Orrong Group is not able to accept your invitation to participate in a discussion group regarding 590 Orrong Road Armadale being held on Thursday, 14 July at 8.00pm.

Stonnington Council, in partnership with the community, is developing an Urban Design Framework for this site, and this was agreed at a recent Council meeting. The Orrong Group will be participating in this process, which will no doubt highlight the views of the community about an appropriate use for this important site. An extensive community consultation process was conducted late last year, and this is available on the Council web site (I have attached the document for your information).  [We have attached it for you, dear website visitor below.]

If your client still wishes to meet with The Orrong Group, a meeting with representatives from the Committee could be subsequently arranged.

If you require any additional information about this matter, please contact Margot Carroll, the Convenor of The Orrong Group:

· T: 9510 4845

All the very best

The UDF process is our opportunity to offer feedback – not a mysterious focus group convened acting on behalf of a vested interest. Clearly developers are rolling out their plans B, C and D.

Here’s the massive collection  C114 – Attachment 5 590 Orrong Road Consultation Report gathered as part of the process Council put in place. Thanks to everyone who emailed comments or attended the session at Malvern Town Hall.  This demonstrates why it is so important to provide feedback to the right channels when asked. Have you called to express your interest in attending the workshops to influence the Urban Design Framework yet? 8290 1395.


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