Major news: Lend Lease soon to submit HUGE planning permit application.

Breaking news and it ain't good.

Strong intelligence received through media sources suggests that Lend Lease is about to submit a planning
permit application – and guess what – the ‘new’ plan is every bit as big as the old!

Yep – 12 storey towers and the rest of it. And while Lend Lease is yet to reveal how many residences it wants to bestow upon us we have an inkling that it may be pretty much the same as proposed in the original plan – 490! Look out for next week’s Stonnington Leader for details.

This application is clearly aimed at circumventing Stonnington’s Urban Design Framework process which is now underway. We need a UDF to set limits to developers’ plans and we need it now.

If you live on Beatty, Clendon, Eileen, Turner, Elm, Orrong, Molesworth, Rose, Abeckett you are at ground zero. Be a part of the UDF or start preparing the welcome wagon. And perhaps the paddy wagon as your new neighbours will love to party.

With Lend Lease hell bent on turning Armadale into Southbank South our question to every Stonningtonian is this: have you booked your place at the UDF consultation workshops? Call now 8290 1395.

Stay tuned to this site for more details as they emerge. Meanwhile: fight the towers! Know anything we should know? Tell us 9510 4845.


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