Street fighting!

Coming to a letterbox near you.

We’ll be letterboxing homes this weekend urging everyone to take part in the consultations for the Urban Design Framework. Thanks to Helen and all our letterboxers.

If you have an effective way of getting our flyers to new people let us know and we’ll print you up a batch. Or just print your own and get distributing. It may be a school or sports group – some way through which we can get to a lot of people effectively. flyer july 18 final

We’ll also be taking to the streets at Hawksburn Village handing out flyers this Saturday July 23. Look out for the Fight the Towers! banner near Woolworths. If you’d like to spare an hour or two between 9.30 and 1pm we’d appreciate it – call Margot 9510 4845.

And if you see Margot and co volunteering their weekend to keep Armadale worth living in you may just wish to give them a proverbial pat on the back. They will happily collect your donation to the Orrong Group. Or maybe you could buy them a coffee…


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