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Does Lend Lease’s possible subversion of the Urban Design Framework process steam you up? Are you looking for politicians local state and federal to step in and provide their voters with the outcome they so clearly want? Do you have a better idea than high rise towers for 590 Orrong Road? Write all about it to the Stonnington Leader care of stonnington@leadernewspapers.com.au



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  1. Posted by James on July 24, 2011 at 7:22 pm

    As with all residents in urban areas we appreciate our responsibilities to our local community, and to the environment and the world community.
    We need to conserve energy and open space for future generations, and hence understand that there must be some condensing of population within the current urban framework to limit the suburban sprawl.
    However the previous plan, and if your reports are correct the current plan for 590 Orrong Road will only exacerbate all the negatives of an over urbanized environment with one example being many more cars on Orrong road will increase congestion and hence pollution due to stalled traffic flows.
    There is also one huge irony to the concept of trying to squeeze as many people as possible onto a parcel of land like 590 , and thereby making as much money as can be made by the construction companies.
    This is that the very executives and managers of Lend Lease or any other organization associated with these plans, who have families and dreams and ideals for their living environment would be up in arms if it was their homes that were going to be affected by such a development! It is such a case of Ivory Towers.
    I hope I have not been too long winded


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