Meeting #1 Lend Lease previews upcoming plan to OG

We picked a charming spot for our delightful tete a tete.

Your dogged Orrong Group committee continues to meet decision makers by the score including Lend Lease. We met with Lend Lease project director Ben Coughlan and his associate also from developer Lend Lease at which it quickly became clear that the new, soon-to-be-submitted plan is almost exactly as large and neighbourhood-destroying as the old.

As you know Lend Lease intends to submit their planning permit application prior to the Council’s UDF process being completed. We see this as a deliberate attempt to keep Council and the community out of the process.

We only saw conceptual drawings but can report:

2 x 12-storey towers

3 x 9 storey towers

4 x 7 storey towers

1 x 6 storey tower
2 x 5 and 2 x 4 storey blocks

12 towers plus 22 townhouses and terraces. 475 dwellings!

This includes two nine storey towers and two 12 storey towers opposite Beatty Avenue, Rose Street and Elm Grove. The new layout has a far greater impact along Beatty Avenue. Wondering how high 12 storeys is? Look at the light towers around Toorak Park and add three more metres.  We also learnt:

Density? The new development has 477 dwellings – just 13 less than before! AKA: no difference.

There are also more single bedroom dwellings proposed and longer buildings with bigger footprints than previously. That creates more severe wind tunnels.

Open space grab: There’s no way the few small open spaces within the development will meet residents’ needs so there goes Victory Square – swamped. Maybe we could provide everyone with enough open space if the cricket, football and rugby teams moved on but their rights to play seem protected in ways that residents’ rights to their homes are not.

Duration: Lend Lease expects the project to take five years. Five years! That’s five years of noise, traffic, trucks, dust and amendments to the plan! Pop quiz – how will that impact on your peace and quiet?

Plan submission: Concept plans are near completion and Lend Lease plans to lodge a Planning Permit Application with Council before end of August, 2011.

Ownership: Larkfield is still the owner of the site although the site may be placed on the market. Lend Lease (LL) has no financial equity in the property but has the contract for the development. Should the site change ownership the contract would carry over to the new owner. In the event that the new owner decides not to proceed with a residential development negotiation on the contract would have to take place.

Optical illusions: The ‘visuals’ featured in local media are not accurate. They are not to scale, have no relevance to correct perspective from any angle, and are merely an artist’s loose representation of what is envisaged. Lend Lease presented a very green plan of the development surrounded fully by wide green open space, i.e. Orrong and Romanis reserves, Toorak Park and Victory Square. Not a house in sight. We commented that this was not an accurate image and that it was inappropriate grab at public open space.


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