State of play

590 Orrong Road Armadale

Lend Lease's traffic management plan? No; just a symbolic representation of the planning process.

So where are we up to in this whole drama? Glad you asked.

Well there are at least four directions being taken simultaneously.

1. City of Stonnington has formally commenced the process of developing a Urban Design Framework for the site which will set groundrules for development at 590 Orrong Road Armadale.

2. Lend Lease is busily working on its plan mark II and intends to submit this BEFORE the UDF is completed. (We’ve previewed the plans and they are more or less exactly the same as Mark I).  This is clearly an attempt to undermine the UDF process and ignore the massive community input. This may lead us all to VCAT.

3. Cr Melina Sehr, Mayor of Stonnington has publicly stated she would like to purchase the land using philanthropic / government funds to utilise the site for parks and recreation. We know that the land is for sale.

4. Member for Prahran Clem Newton-Brown has announced that the site is being considered for use as a school.

Our opinion is this: the most likely outcome by far is still a massive residential and retail development by Lend Lease as they are the best placed, best financed and most motivated party in this situation. They are in the box seat.

Orrong Group and you have already fought back the inevitable – we came within one rubberstamping meeting of Lend Lease getting approval. That was over 12 months ago. We mustn’t get complacent; leave alone stop. BTW – the change of government has made zero difference to the process. Keep fighting the towers. Donate where you can and please join in our actions to fight the towers when we ask.


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