Breaking: Draft UDF released. OG opposes it. Contact Councillors before 7pm tonight.

590 orrong road

Does this reflect your feedback?

BIG NEWS: The draft Urban Design Framework is in – and it looks more like a Lend Lease plan than a set of guidelines to protect and enhance our suburb. To be clear – this draft UDF is the work of external consultants hired by Council and hasn’t been adopted – yet.

Take a look. We’ll describe in detail our objections to it later. Stay tuned. Think multiple eight storey buildings, new residents using the paltry existing open space as their own, high density etc. Two large attachments that form the UDF are at the top of this page of the City of Stonnington site.

URGENT: we want Councillors to defer the adoption of this UDF at their Council meeting tonight. We need you to preferably call or email Councillors NOW to explain your disatisfaction and urge a delay and rethink on its adoption. One point to begin with – it doesn’t reflect the contributions made by locals at the consultation workshops. They must not adopt this UDF. Numbers and emails below.

Use your own words but here is how one local resident expressed his views on the UDF:

Dear Councillors,

Please do not approve the Draft UDF for 590 Orrong Road being presented at Monday’s Council meeting. This draft UDF misses the point and
neglects the full range of potential uses of the site to benefit the Stonnington community now and into the future.

The Draft UDF does not consider a vision for the site beyond a high density residential development.

The community consultation meetings revealed that most people would prefer this unique site to be used as a combination of open space and
community facilities complementing the surrounding parks and sports grounds.

A draft UDF for the site should be prepared with this as a scenario and the current draft should be scrapped before any public consultation
is done.

The consultation meetings were premised on the site being a residential development so they were flawed from the beginning as they mostly
sought input on the desirable features of a residential development.

Even if we proceed with the site as a residential development this draft is still not acceptable as it has not addressed the primary concern
of residents, which is the density of the development and the effect this will have on the surrounding area.

The draft UDF still allows for approximately 500 dwellings on the site which is the same number of dwellings proposed in the original Lend
Lease plan which was overwhelmingly rejected by Council and the community. So what has been the point of the community consultation?

As a resident I feel the community’s voice is being canvassed but not heard and the draft UDF clearly illustrates. Please do not waste our
time and energy (and yours) by asking us to respond to this inadequate document.

Ideally call but email is good too.

John Chandler 0417 771 288

Melina Sehr 0417 773 644

Tas Athanasopoulos 0417 773 255

Claude Ullin 0417 773 833

Anne O’Shea 0419 990 377

Tim Smith 0418 279 548

Greg Hannan 0417 773 566

Judy Hindle 0419 993 177

Angus Nicholls 0417 770 498

City of Stonnington


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Peter Matthews on September 5, 2011 at 7:50 pm

    My first read of the Draft UDF was dismay at the reccomendation for 8 storey towers,
    dense strip buildings and similar density of 475 dwellings to the developers proposal.
    The more I looked at the method of presentation the more it looked like a consultants preliminary presentation to a developer suggesting the best way to achieve their outcomes.


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