Breaking: Lend Lease expected to lodge new plan this week.

590 orrong road

"No need to bother the locals with this old chap."

We believe that Lend Lease will lodge a planning permit application with Council on Friday 16 September.
In so doing Lend Lease is sidelining the community and Council’s attempts to finalise an Urban Draft Framework (UDF).

They are deliberately walking all over the community and it is clear they do not care. We must rally around to defeat this attempt at railroading us. We expect a proposal for more towers of 12, 9 and 6 storeys and a density virtually the same as the original proposal. So it is still packing them in with well over 1000 and over 470 units.

As soon as we hear more we will email you with the exact details. In the meantime get ready to lodge strong objections. With the plan about to land on Council desks we need to ALL attend the South Ward meeting with Councillors this Wednesday 7pm (details below). Unlike at other meetings we will be able to speak directly with Councillors.

We’re fortunate to have three high profile Councillors: Mayor Cr Melina Sehr, Cr Claude Ullin and Cr Tim Smith.

There are several appalling developments on the way in our small pocket of Stonnington. In each case the developers should have been laughed out of the planning office and back to the drawing board. But they weren’t. So instead we ratepayers and residents need to make our reasonable expectations clear.

It’s about time the good people of Stonnington had their views taken into account. We care about more than clearways. So – we’ll see you at the South Ward Councillors Meeting at Malvern Town
Hall, corner of High and Glenferrie at 7pm this Wednesday 14 September.


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