Urgent: submit your UDF feedback today

Once more with feeling folks...

You already know that Orrong Group and many residents were very disappointed by the draft Urban Design Framework put forward by Council’s hired concultants. The draft ignores the feedback provided by scores of residents at the formal feedback sessions at Prahran Town Hall and through multiple letters, meetings and emails.

We have till Tuesday Oct 18 to offer feedback. We think you’ll want to comment on the height and density recommendations among other things and save your neighbourhood from the horrors of South Yarra’s high rise development.

Here’s the proposed UDF. We think it’s too dense and too high although there’s a small amount of open space we still need more. Is this the framework we want developers to work with? Now here is how to offer your feedback:

1. Write your own feedback based on your own thoughts.

2. Use the Council’s online feedback form though it may be confusing. If you do, we suggest reading this example from local resident George for inspiration: George feedback form

3. Use the pro-forma we have prepared: UDF feedback Fill it out, save it, email it to council.

Send feedback to: strategicplanning@stonnington.vic.gov.au

A planning war is a war of attrition. As soon as residents and ratepayers get tired of the meetings, emails, meetings, phone calls, lobbying and letter writing the bad guys win. Fight the towers!


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