URGENT: Tell Councillors to vote NO to the UDF this Monday

Orrong group fights development

She is in the wings, drawing breath. Your calls and emails can shut her cakehole.

Stonnington Council to vote on 590 Orrong Road development this Monday November 21. We need you to tell them to vote NO.


Stonnington Councillors will vote to adopt or refuse the Urban Design Framework (UDF) for 590 Orrong Road at this Monday’s council meeting at Malvern Town Hall. The UDF sets out what is and isn’t allowed for the site. Gobsmackingly, despite our feedback the UDF that is on the verge of being adopted allows for multiple high-rise towers and 500 apartments.

If we fail to convince Councillors to vote NO we have lost our chance for a low-rise, low-density, low-rise development. Yes; it’s that simple, so get on the phone and email.

We are not against the idea UDF in general but we want Council to adopt a UDF that reflects what Armadalians want for 590 Orrong Road. This UDF is anything but that.

Many of you gave up your time to attend highly orchestrated consultations in the hope of downsizing the first draft of the UDF. Well it seems that your clear, consistent and overwhelming feedback was ignored. The UDF that is being voted on this Monday will be an early Christmas present for developers. Perhaps it can be wrapped in the butchers paper we used to express our desire for low-density development.

The UDF up for vote still recommends several 8-storey and 6-storey blocks and buildings covering all but 15 % of the site resulting in likely density of up to 500 apartments. Yep 500. This is a Docklands type development, a South Yarra station precinct development – except it’s in Armadale.

Contact the Mayor and Councillors now and attend the Council meeting to make your views known.

The UDF being voted on this Monday was strongly opposed by the community. So, what do we want?

  • Buildings no higher than 4 to 5 storeys currently existing on the site.
  • A density level of no more than 250 units
  • Provision of 20 to 25% open space within the development
  • Insistence on full parking requirements

Our perception is that the developer’s needs have been given a higher priority than the desires of residents and ratepayers. We hope that our elected Council will represent us.

Monday is your last opportunity to persuade the council to listen to our message of the last exhausting 18 months.

Ring and email all Councillors particularly the South Ward Councillors and convince them that this UDF proposal should be refused. This will to allow Council to revise the UDF to reflect the community wishes for :-

Over the weekend and Monday get in touch with the councillors and come to the Monday night meeting and tell your neighbours and friends.

Melina Sehr 0417 773 644

Claude Ullin 0417 773 833

Tim Smith 0418 279 548


All councillors’ details on the state and local pollie contacts page.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by George Novakovic on November 18, 2011 at 9:15 am

    Thanks for the update. You guys are doing a fantastic job keeping us up-to-date. I will be there on Monday night. One day the wax will melt and Council will finally hear the voice of the community on this issue.

    Come on Councillors, we just want a great development we can all be proud of, that will stand the test of time, and enrich our suburb rather than erode our quality of life.

    Don’t listen to people whose primary motivation is short-term financial gain, listen to people who care about Armadale and the people who live there !

    See you on Monday night.


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