Post Council meeting scoreline: Armadale 1. Lend Lease 0. More work ahead.

590 orrong road

Towers have a charm all their own. Don't you agree?

First up thanks to all of you who emailed, called and turned up to make tonight a standing-room only affair. Much was said, debated and challenged but here is the summary:

Cr Claude Ullin, who noted the work of OG and the large amount of correspondence on the 590 Orrong Road issue, made a late-breaking amendment to the UDF limiting the maximum height to 17 metres, which converts to five storeys and change.

This was voted on and approved by Councillors. If approved by the Minister for Planning Matthew Guy the UDF will be ‘exhibited’ to residents and ratepayers for feedback.

This new UDF could – and we say could – limit the development but there are many aspects of it that concern us. We emphasise ‘could’ as Lend Lease (which also attended the meeting) will attempt to maximise the development – perhaps by building student studios instead of apartments to maximise the density. They could easily try to reduce the open space on the site to build more concrete towers. They won’t stop nor will we. I think they know that by now – after all they are a year + behind schedule.

The UDF still fails to reflect your feedback or wishes for the local area. Cr Tim Smith referred to the UDF as a “dog of a document”. We concur and this is far from a victory, though the reduction to 17 metres is a good amendment.

We will have a more considered response shortly.

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Jason on November 23, 2011 at 9:05 am

    Well done guys!!
    Although I understand it isn’t over, that is a great result.
    If we could limit development to X number of bedrooms that would be great, as main issue is the number of extra people putting increased pressure on already over stressed infrastructure.


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