baillieu government considering easing ‘restrictions’ on developers

590 orrong road

Seems a shame island locals are fighting Lend Lease's exciting plans. Damn over regulation!

You probably didn’t realise this but we are living in a residents’ paradise. No invasions of privacy due to unwanted profit-driven overdevelopment, no loss of amenity, no overburdened infrasructure. No extra noise, traffic or loss of character.

This is all because we are (according to the Master Building Association of Victoria and a high-dollar consultant to government) forcing poor under-resourced, over taxed developers to comply with our every wish.

Read all about it. Your gob will be smacked.

Seriously: Will our State Government stand by its pre-election planning promises or just make everything easier to knock down and concrete over? The last government took the latter option – they are now in opposition.


And yet again government is being advised by a consultant who only makes money by recommending devlopment. Few consultants make money by saying: “Keep things as they are.”



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