It’s on! Lend Lease have submitted plan. Object by December 16.

590 orrong road

Just an example, but ours brings equally bad tidings.

BIG, BAD NEWS: Lend Lease has submitted its plans for 590 Orrong Road to Council and they are now being formally ‘advertised’. You may have noticed the signage (similar to the example we’ve pictured) around the site. We have until December 19 to object en masse after which Council will vote on the plan.

The plan is virtually indistinguisable to the original and included 475 residences!  And no; Lend Lease doesn’t give a damn about City of Stonnington’s recent approval of a UDF allowing about half that size of development. That’s how they play.

The full plans are a massive tome but here’s the storey (geddit?): Towers, towers , towers!

2 x 12 storey, 3 x 9 storey, 4 x 7 storey, 3 x 6 storey, 2 x 5 storey = 475 dwellings

convenience shop, opening hours: 7am to 10pm (slushies all round)

licensed cafe with 130 seats, opening hours: 7am to 10pm (booze all round)

Signalised vehicular access from Orrong Road (cars and traffic lights all round the neighbourhood)

Reduction in car parking provision (you done with that on-street car park?)

Removal of native vegetation (who needs trees anyhow when you can have concrete?)

Waiver of loading requirements.

Incredibly we have until just December 16 to lodge as many objections as possible.

That’s right – and to think that government this week received a report recommending making things easier for developers.

Regardless – we are ready. In the next 48 hours we’ll email everyone with details on how to object quickly, efficiently and passionately. This is exactly what happened late last year – we will be encouraging everyone to lodge legitimate objections again. Size matters.

Expect to hear from us and see us in the street – once again we have to fight Lend Lease on another front.

Please help us:

We need volunteer letterboxers ASAP.

We need people willing to campaign in the shopping areas around Stonnington, handing out info and taking email details and donations.

These two tactics work very well. Email

Of course we need everyone to object in writing individually. We’ll provide details shortly.

Stand by. Lend Lease could be starting demolition by Christmas.

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