14 days – be quick or be overdeveloped

A busy fortnight ahead. Do you think it was a developer who convinced the bureaucrats that 14 days is fair?

This is an advanced warning: Lend Lease has 60 days from January 30 to lodge with VCAT its appeal of Stonnington’s decision. We are 99.99% sure that they will though as yet they have not lodged so our 14 days has not begun. From the day of lodgement we will have only 14 days – count them 14 – to respond.

The multinational has two months to lodge its paperwork, we have two weeks! Fairness in planning? You’re dreaming. Local MPs: are you reading this?  

So here’s the deal: Orrong Group will be burning the midnight oil when / if Lend Lease lodges its appeal with VCAT. We will send a package to the 627 objectors to Council. (Lodge an objection with council if you haven’t already.) The package will contain the necessary form (“Form B”), a stamped, addressed envelope, a guide for objection content and general instructions. Your part of the deal will be to write your objection and mail it back to us ASAP. We, saints that we are, will do the rest – sending copies to VCAT, Lend Lease and Stonnington etc. We think this minimises inconvenience and will maximise objections.

What then? Nothing. Having lodged your paperwork you needn’t do anything else, ever. You don’t have to attend the VCAT hearing or give evidence at VCAT; unless of course you want to. You don’t have to pay any fees to VCAT. Not a cent. Please make this clear to neighbours etc. You can just follow the progress via this website and via correspondence from VCAT.  

Again; numbers count so we want to get 100% of objectors to Council to object to VCAT.

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