The legal has landed. We have until Friday March 2.

Acting for the developer, rigbycooke

OK – it’s official. Lend Lease is appealing Stonnington’s decision at VCAT. Guess what – we’re fighting it.

You may have already been notified by mail from Lend Lease’s lawyers rigbycooke. (Their spelling, not our mistake.)

There is absolutely no response required to this correspondence – it is just a legal requirement being fulfilled by Lend Lease.

How are we beating this thing?

This Friday and over the weekend OG volunteers will be distributing a package to everyone who objected to Stonnington Council – well over 600 people. Keep an eye out for it among the junk mail and bills.

Each package (a large yellow envelope with a distinctive fluro green sticker on the back) has everything you need to object to VCAT  including a stamped, addressed envelope.

There is one form inside our package that needs to be filled out and returned to us in the envelope we provide. It is formally called a Form B – Statement of Grounds. It’s essentially the document on which you explain your objection to the Lend Lease plan. We’re also supplying some recommendations on how to wisely fill in this form for maximum effect. 

If it's green on the back, it's Lend Lease under attack

WE NEED FORM B RETURNED TO US BY FRIDAY MARCH 2 so we can then fulfill the burdensome, developer-friendly administrative requirements of VCAT.  

Lodging your Form B with VCAT does not oblige you to appear or speak. Nor does it entail you paying VCAT a dime. In that way it is exactly like objecting to local government. (Free, fun and glamorous.)

And just to be clear – there will never be any VCAT fee required to be paid by us or Stonnington. As it is Lend Lease’s decision to appeal, it meets all VCAT costs. Stonnington will be paying for representation to defend its decision. OG may opt to pay for legal assistance with our formal submission (we need to fight Lend Lease’s legal fire with fire) but that is optional.


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  1. Posted by lincoln li on February 22, 2012 at 6:54 am

    Town Planning regime is changing. We should not be resting on our laurels. High-rise buildings will spread, developers have taken and will continue to take advantage of this trend. The focus we should take remains that of limiting the potential damage. Never fly the white flag, accept successes with modesty and with no fanfare, if that is at all possible.


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