Deadline extended to Tuesday March 6. Download VCAT objection materials here. ALL can object.

If you want to fight the towers with an objection to VCAT here’s everything you need to know. We can accept them until Tuesday next week – just be quick.

1. Yes you can object to VCAT even if you didn’t object to Council in the lead up to the January 30 decision. (Why didn’t you?)

2. Submitting an objection won’t cost you a cent nor oblige you to speak or attend the VCAT hearing.

3. Print out and fill out this Form B Statement of Grounds VCAT form B We have filled in some details for you. This is the only form you need to return to us. 

ABOUT THE FORM B Statement of Grounds

There are two empty tick boxes near the top of the Form B. Tick the lower of the two boxes unless you want to speak at the hearing.

The blank lines is where you argue your case. Read our instructions before doing this: package 5

In the bottom half of the Form B is the statement:

I certify that I have served a copy of this Statement of Grounds” and two ticked boxes with the date 5/3/12. This indicates to VCAT that you have copied your Form B twice and forwarded it to Lend Lease’s solicitor and City of Stonnington. (Don’t worry – return one copy of the Form B to us and we’ll handle this for you.) 

Name of objector – that’s you, silly.

Address for service – that’s your address, silly. 

4. We need your objection NOW. All we want is one copy the Form B Statement of Grounds. Mail it back to us ASAP:

Orrong Group

PO Box 3090,

Prahran East 3181.

If it is easier just drop it in the letterbox at 14 Wynnstay Road, Prahran.

5. Tell your friends, family and anyone who gives a damn about fighting gross overdevelopment.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Dean Park on March 2, 2012 at 9:36 am

    Dear Orrong Group
    Dean and Kitty Park from 18 Lambeth Avenue Armadale are very happy to assist with this current objection. I have just completed two forms and will deliver to 14 wynnstay this weekend.
    We very much appreciate all the hard work that you have put into this very good cause.
    Good luck with the continuing fight!!
    Dean and Kitty.


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