Lend Lease fined $54 million

Unworked overtime = great employer = not legal.

A three year investigation by the FBI in the USA has culminated in a big, fat fine for Lend Lease. The company’s US arm was overbilling at major US-based construction projects. 

Fortunately for Lend Lease we are not the sort of community group to pass judgement on developers which for a decade or so bill their clients for fictional labour on projects as important as New York’s September 11 memorial site. We leave that for the US District Court. 

More on this disturbing development.


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  1. Posted by Lend Lease on April 30, 2012 at 7:11 pm

    This is a historical issue relating to billing practices that occurred in the New York City branch of the Bovis construction business, and they were stopped in 2009.

    It is important to also note that the amounts charged to clients were in fact incurred by Lend Lease and paid to union foremen.
    As Steve McCann, Lend Lease Group CEO & MD, said to The Australian on Friday April 27th, “I also want to stress that this is not the way Lend Lease runs its operations. This conduct just doesn’t fit with our values and we have a zero tolerance for it.”

    Since 2009, Lend Lease has implemented significant remedial measures including replacing the management who were responsible for the conduct, restructuring its US operations, and strengthening its compliance processes.


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