VCAT day 2 update

590 orrong road vcat lend lease

The site has been examined.

As expected today started with a site inspection of 590 Orrong Road Armadale. The posse included Stonnington staff, one of the plan’s architects, four OG representatives, Lend Lease’s legal eagles and of course the two VCAT members. The tour took in the grounds of the site, surrounds and inside the building.

That wrapped up at around 11.30am then it was back to VCAT for ongoing expert witness testimony. Today we heard from the Council’s chosen traffic expert who was examined and then cross-examined. That cross-examination will continue Wednesday morning, followed by our barrister Paul Connor’s presentation of our submission. 

When completed we will see the first of the objectors present.  That should see us through to stumps.  

Due to limited availability the Council’s expert witness in urban design Craig Czarny of Hansen Consultants remains to be cross-examined. That’ll happen later.

Across Armadale four of our volunteers burned the midnight oil – submissions being tweaked, objectors being organised, websites being updated. Kudos. Get some sleep.

Members vs Expert Witnesses vs Objectors

Member” is the term given to the person (in this case two people) who hear the case. They are akin to a judge or magistrate. It’s their decision that we await.  

Both sides will call upon expert witnesses in issues such as traffic, acoustics, urban design, social impact and so on. These people are examined and then cross-examined, which takes hours if not days. They are generally paid professionals and may be called upon by parties involved in VCAT hearings on a regular basis. They are there for their expertise, not to advocate for one side or another. lend Lease has called upon many more expert witnesses than Council but then again they are seeking to overturn a decision.

Objectors (such as OG members) present verbally and hand over a written submission. They are not subject to cross examination from Lend Lease’s barrister though a member may ask questions for clarification.

Got all that? Good.


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