VCAT update: day 3.

590 orrong road

The hearing room is a significant improvement on this interrogation room used to interview enemy combatants during the war on terror.

The objectors commenced their presentations today with 20 high standard efforts. Thanks all.

One presentation was given by the president of the Parents and Students Association of Armadale Primary School who highlighted the stress the school was already under due to lack of space.

The capacity level for enrolments  demonstrated how this new development would impact on the school and the area as a whole. An excellent account.

Other reoccuring themes were public transport, traffic, parking, incompatibility with area and obstruction of views.

However bad we thought the plan was until now, the forensic examination of the details shows it to be worse. We face a monsterous possibility. All pain, zero gain for locals

If you are completing preparations for your submission here is one tip based on today: keep it short. Four pages (double-sided, pages numbered, paragraphs numbered, copied 12 times) should do it. Broad issues of planning law, natural justice etc are simply not what this hearing is about.

If you are nervous, don’t be – everyone is polite and civilised. No interrogations. (That is saved for expert witness cross examinations.)

Our barrister Paul Connor gave his presentation. Clem Newton-Brown, MP for Prahran attended part of the hearing today too.

There is no VCAT session on Thursday. VCAT resumes on Friday 1 June at 10am with more objectors presenting. This will take up most of the morning.

If time permits, the Council will continue its case with its expert witness on urban design which will be worth hearing as it is crucial to the hearing.

We urge you to give us some of your time to attend the hearings and welcome your support.


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