VCAT hearing update: Day 6

train overload at Toorak Station

Always room for one (thousand) more.

The day started with the Council’s expert witness on urban design, Rob Milner facing cross- examination from the developer’s barrister Chris Canavan. Mr Milner handled it well and maintained his opinion of the unacceptable design of the whole development.

He was questioned for some time on the issue of “community aspirations” as though these are unknown or only represented by a handful of residents.

The next witness was Vic Roads on the matter of the access from the site to Orrong Road. This is still to be resolved. There are 2 options being considered – both could disadvantage the nearby residents.

The witness relating to public transport seemed to have no criticisms about transport and generally supported the development! Oh dear.

We then arrived at the summing up of the Council ‘s defence of its refusal decision. Stuart Morris QC for the council is presenting this submission and this will continue on Thursday morning,

We expect this will be put on the Council website soon.

The Lend Lease case then starts in the afternoon with their expert witnesses. We expect to hear glowing reports of the developer’s proposal. It’s largely up to Stuart Morris and Paul Connor to cross-examine the expert witnesses. All strength to their arm.


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