VCAT hearing update: day 7 (Thursday June 7)

590 orrong road

Not only does barrister Stuart Morris QC own these books in the background – he’s read them.

Council QC Stuart Morris completed his summation and defence of the Council’s refusal decision. An excellent presentation. He concluded with a request to the Tribunal to refuse the Lend Lease appeal on the basis that the proposal is flawed in so many respects that an amendment of the proposal would not correct the flaws. 

In other words the developer should be required to return to the drawing board. Hopefully the submission will be put on the Council website.

Lend Lease then commenced its case with Chris Canavan QC giving his overview. He addressed the degree to which community views should hold sway. Needless to say we have very little in common with his perspective.

Lend Lease produced its first expert witness, Rob McGauran, an architect who gave a glowing view of the proposal. He did not consider that the context of the site was important – it just needed to achieve its potential as a major development site. He continues on Friday and will then face cross-examination by Council and the Orrong group and the community.

 He will be followed by other witnesses, landscape, urban design, heritage and traffic.

 Please join us at the Tribunal – it is interesting and important.

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