VCAT hearing update day 8 Friday June 8

590 orrong road

This island off the coast of San Francisco also provided an exciting development opportunity.

There was a time, some weeks ago, when we spent our days earning incomes, tending to children, walking dogs and basking in the affections of our spouses… Anyhow here is how Friday panned out: 

Lend Lease’s expert witness on urban design – an architect of MGS – continued his evidence and was then cross-examined by Stonnington’s barrister Stuart Morris QC and Orrong Group’s representative.

The architect’s report is on the Council web site – it is a very long but we suggest you peruse it.   He spoke very positively about the proposal, as you’d expect. 

One of many points he made was that he viewed the site at 590 Orrong Road as an “island site” with great attributes (parkland, public transport etc) and that it could create its own character – our interpretation is that it could create its own character – one that is entirely separate from the surrounding area where we all live. We are all concerned that the development with its high towers on the perimeter would turn its back on the surrounds and not relate to the community. 

The architect’s evidence and cross-examination took a day and a half so we won’t attempt to summarize all the evidence.

Looking ahead:

Day 9 on Tuesday 12 June further witness reports will be presented – traffic, noise, landscape, arborist, urban design and heritage. All will present Lend Lease’s plan in positive terms.

These may continue to Wednesday and then the legal team for Lend Lease will sum up the case in favour of the proposal. 

The Council and objectors then have an opportunity to present a “Right of Reply”- the needs to be related to the evidence and not a repeat of already presented objections.

Only 4 days of the hearing to go – we encourage you to join us for these important few days.


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