VCAT update: day 9. Tuesday June 12

Ben Coughlan Lend Lease

“I’m confused. Since when is a ‘dog’s breakfast’ a bad thing?”

All of day nine was taken up with the developer’s two expert witnesses on traffic.  The evidence covered traffic volume, parking requirements, access in and out of the site to Orrong Road and Osment Street, access arrangements within the sight, car parking bays in the basement car parks.
The experts do not believe that there will be any significant increase in traffic along Orrong Road. The statistics do not seem to us to represent the real position. We all know the bank-ups that occur at the intersections and with a new set of traffic lights this must increase delays. And traffic lights also encourage rat runs.
A good deal of time was spent on the configuration of the underground carparks and the poor design was shown up in the cross-examination. Stuart Morris QC representing City of Stonnington referred to it as a “dog’s breakfast.” Hear, hear.
The various options for the access to Orrong Road were debated and whichever option is adopted road and pavement work will be required. Trees are likely to be removed. More concrete all round. Access for the Osmnet Precinct presents a problem – it opens out to Asleigh Road and this seems to be the wrong location.

Day 10 – further witnesses – landscape, acoustics, arborist and maybe heritage and urban design- all reports are on the Council website.
It is hard to be definite about the timetable but all the witness evidence must be completed by Thursday. Then in accordance to VCAT tradition everyone from both sides of the hearing all put in $20 and we have a party with cake and champagne and dancing. (Just kidding.)  Then it’s time for summations.
Do come and join us – we only have 3 days to go and we need to make a final display of unity.

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