VCAT hearing update: day 10 Wednesday June 13

lend lease developments ben coughlan

Would someone cut down that tree. It’s blocking our view of the splendid concrete structure. 

Day 10 Wednesday June 13 was all about trees and landscape.

We heard evidence on landscaping plans for the site explaining which existing mature trees would be preserved. Answer = none of them.

The existing trees in Toorak Park and Victory Square near the boundary of the site will be only one to two 2 metres away for the excavation area of the underground car parks. How will they survive? We don’t think they will despite claims to the contrary.

In cross examination doubts were raised that such planting would grow to a good height and remain healthy.

The lack of setback of the 3 storey town houses to Victory Square was raised – this could be described as a blurring of the public open space and private residences. These town houses have been given their own private gate to the park! How nice – for them. This is a big flaw in the plan and we believe that amendments must be made.

Tomorrow: Thursday day 11 – the second last day will be interesting with witnesses on heritage, acoustics, and two more on urban design – this may carry over to Friday with the summing up by Lend Lease’s legal team. Objectors have a right of reply and that will have to be fitted in.

Our last hurrah – please come on Friday in big numbers – those who have attended every day for 3 weeks need support. Buy them a coffee, wine or supply them with valium.


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