Media coverage and the City of Stonnington’s response

“Read all about it! Community screwed. Read all about it. Marginal seat voters angry. Read all about it.” The scallywag is quite opinionated isn’t he. So much for an independent media.

This is page three coverage from the AFR Thursday for poor people who don’t already subscribe.

This is from The Age, on Wednesday. We featured on Channel 9, 7 and ABC1 news.  This is the ABC TV news story.

Here is the Stonnington Leader’s website coverage (more to come soon as we just posed, shivering in the wind for a bigger story.) And make sure you leave a comment on the Leader’s website.

From the ABC website Wednesday.

Here is the City of Stonnington’s  response to the decision which says in part:

“Regrettably, VCAT has failed to give due regard to community input and has made a decision that is not supported by the local community or Council. The decision reflects a lack of consideration of neighbourhood character or respect for local community concerns around appropriate development.”

 Brett de Hoedt was also heard on ABC 774 and ABC RN.


Bad news travels fast and wide.


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