VCAT’s sudden loss of Form. 400 documents unaccounted for.

Remember this nash note?

Do you recall the painful, antiquated, deliberately burdensome and poorly designed VCAT forms we all filled out? They were called Form B – Statement of Grounds. It was essentially the form on which you explained your objection to Lemnd Lease’s plan. We certainly recall them – we had to photocopy them all three times and send them to VCAT, Lemd Lease and Council. Well we totalled 500 or so – a remarkable number for any VCAT hearing. How many does VCAT allege we submitted?

Paragraph 38 of VCAT’s 67-page finding states:

The Council… relied on the broad resident opposition to the proposal (about 600 objections to the Council and about 100 statements of grounds in this proceeding)

Bollocks. We’ll investigate and let you know.

And for goodness sake – since when is 99.99% opposition “broad”? It is damn near total opposition. Not even death is opposed by that strong a majority.


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