Our response and some of the media coverage…

Read all about it! Stonnington Council socks it to Lend Lease. Read all about it. Citizenry grateful! Read all about it.

The Age

The Stonnington Leader.

The Melbourne Weekly

We are very pleased with the Council decision to seek leave to appeal the VCAT decision to the Supreme Court We believe the grounds of appeal needs to be challenged. The Tribunal’s determination that the extent

of community opposition was irrelevant was astounding. We have to ask – what is the point of lodging objections to planning application if they are to be ruled as irrelevant by an appeal tribunal? If this determination stands it would affect all future planning applications not just 590.

So what happens now? We will check this out next week so for the moment the following is a layperson’s understanding of the process.

The Council has to first obtain leave to appeal to the Supreme Court and if that is granted the Council’s case is put before the court. The outcome could be that the Court does not grant the appeal and the permit approval given by VCAT in July stands or the Court could decide the appeal in the Council’s favour and return it to the Tribunal to be reconsidered. We are not sure what would be the action of the Tribunal. It may be required to consider the case afresh or just the one aspect of the Council appeal in respect to the relevance of community opposition.

We will provide further information as soon as it is available. One thing for certain – if there is another opportunity to express community concern we know that every member of the community to take up the opportunity with gusto.


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