OG victim of unidentified letterboxing by political party.

You may recently have found a flyer in your letterbox criticising local MP Clem Newton-Brown for his lack of results in fighting the towers. You’d be excused for thinking Orrong Group was behind the effort. We were not. We knew nothing of it at all. Zilch.


Note the use of the phrase “our community”. Note the lack of the ALP logo. Or any logo.

There’s no logo identifying the author of the flyer, no website, no contact number bar some very, very small required-by-law detail on the back. Based on the miniscule “J Lenders” noted on the back we can safely assume it is the work of the ALP. Remarkably the ALP chose to create a flyer that looks like we created it. There is repeated use of “our community”. People would be excused for thinking we sent it. We’ve had calls asking us about this. After all, who else has been fighting the towers the last 2.5 years? Not the political parties. Have they not got better things to do – like helping us fight the bloody towers? 

Big tip for politicos of all stripes reading this: OG has always been non-party affiliated. We have members who are active on all sides of the spectrum but most are not party-political in any way. One thing we do all share is a deep sense of disappointment that ALL parties have created a system where developers win, VCAT rules supreme and local communities get trashed. Your stocks rate alongside Fairfax as far as we’re concerned. Do not deliberately mislead residents with sleazy campaign tricks such as this.

OG shares a belief that if you stick something in people’s letterbox, you should have the backbone to clearly put your organisation’s name on it. OG always has and always will. We don’t have to hide our name, as we enjoy 99.9% support; unlike political parties outside of Pyongyang.

Orrong Group says Vote 1 good planning. Sadly this leaves our ballots bare. All major parties have left Stonnington to be a developers’ paradise. Thanks for nothing J Lenders.


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