Council Elections: part 3

590 orrong road

Democracy belongs to those who show up.

Elections for all 3 wards of Stonnington Council will take place on Saturday 27 October.  This time the election will be by “attendance voting’ not as previously – by a postal vote. How inexplicably inconvenient!

That said; this could be a better arrangement as it may lessen the numbers of “running mates” and dummy candidates as occurred with postal voting they all have to appear this time. The nominations are listed below

Only four of the previous Stonnington Councillors have renominated.

The list of nominations makes interesting reading. There are a number who do not give any contact details and one has to wonder if they are genuine candidates.

At the 2008 elections all 3 Political Parties ran teams of candidates.  This was disappointing as Stonnington had , up to then ,been generally free of party politics.

This time the ALP is not running candidates, though one candidate is ALP-connected. The Liberal party is running candidates in North and South wards. We are not sure about East ward.  The Greens are running candidates in all wards, 2 in East Ward, 2 in South Ward and one in North Ward.

We suggest you check out the planning policies of both parties. In short – they have all let us down.

The new planning proposals currently being proposed by the Liberal Government can be accessed on the Department of Planning and Community Development website.

The Liberal candidates need to be asked exactly what policy they will have for Stonnington.

We need to correct the statement we made about the Greens Planning Policy. We erred in stating the policy was at the time on the Stonnington Greens web site.

The Greens candidates have informed us that they have developed a “local” planning policy and last week posted this on their web site. They state that the Greens do not favour high density development .

They state that such “densification” should occur only in specific areas.

We suggest you refer to the party’s web site and, as with all candidates contact them and ask for a clear statement on their stand on planning.

It is possible that that we may have only 2 to 3 experienced Councillors in the new Council. That could mean that we will have 5 or 6 new Councillors managing a budget of $133, 374 million and making decisions on multi –million dollar developments. Council is a big business and all ratepayers are effectively shareholders. We need a Council with the experience and determination to decide complex planning policies and protect one of the most liveable suburbs in Victoria. The new Council will be making decisions immediately – i.e November.  There is no time for apprenticeships.

This election is too important to sit on the fence so contact the candidates.

Phone and email contact details on the “Victorian Electoral Commission Web site – Council Elections – candidates” – There are a number who do not give any contact details.

As we have always stated the Orrong Group in not party political and we suggest you contact the candidates and ask them to explain the approach they will take to planning in Stonnington.

The Orrong Group is preparing a questionnaire to be put to each candidate which we will publish on the our web.

If there are particular questions you think we should include email these to

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