Supremely good news for Stonnington.

590 orrong road lend lease

Let us hope that the Supremes stop Lend Lease in the name of good residential development before they break our neighbourhood.

Breaking news: The Supreme Court has granted the City of Stonnington approval to have the VCAT decision in favour of Lend Lease appealed in the Supreme Court. This is utterly superb and no doubt lend to a restless weekend in Lend Lease HQ. The fight continues. A more formal version of proceedings follows: 

The Council’s case seeking leave to be heard was presented to the Supreme Court judge Friday. Stuart Morris QC orally presented Council’s case followed by Chris Kanavan QC acting for Lend Lease, the applicant. At 2.15pm today, the presiding Supreme Court Judge delivered her decision that leave has been granted for Council to present its full arguments as to why it believes an error of law has been made by the Tribunal in its decision on the town planning application and why this error of law could have potentially led to a different outcome.

The date of the full hearing will be determined next Tuesday 16 October. The matter will not be listed for hearing before 6 December 2012

This is a significant outcome. The grounds put forward by Council can now be argued before a full Supreme Court hearing.

The Orrong Group engaged a barrister to have a watching role on behalf of the community, particularly given that one of the main grounds is the Tribunal’s determination that “the extent of the community opposition is irrelevant”. We considered joining the appeal action as co-appellant but decided that the risks involved such as costs were too great.


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