We’ve surveyed the candidates. Vote for good planning.

Local elections are this Saturday. (You can prevote.) Voting is compulsory and a rare opportunity to support good planning.  As we have always stated the Orrong Group is not party political but we are unashamedly political. We have spent countless hours meeting, calling and downright harassing pollies at all levels and leanings over the last 2.5 years. We work with anyone who can get us a good development for Stonnington.

We decided not to endorse any particular Stonnington candidate. We are however concerned that voters will not have sufficient information on many of the candidates.  The Orrong Group knows how important it is to have informed and knowledgeable Councillors to consult and present community views. They must have the judgement and ability to make complex decisions and also have the advocacy skills required for negotiations with politicians on planning policy etc.

To be fair, we should say that over the past 2.5 years we were fortunate to have a number of Councillors who possessed these skills.  Four current Councillors have renominated. This is not an endorsement; just stating our experience.

We sent a questionnaire to 29 Stonnington candidates who publicly provided contacts. Here’s a list of them all with their contacts. The responses vary in quality and some reveal gaps in knowledge. Below, grouped by ward and listed in alphabetical order are the responses we have received:

South Ward (where 590 Orrong Road sits)

Sam Hibbins – response – Sam Hibbins

Steve Stefanopoulos response – Mr Steve Stefanopoulos

Cr Claude Ullin response – Cr Claude Ullin

North Ward

Matthew Koce response – MK

George Neophytou response – GN

East Ward

Athanasopoulos, Jimi response – JIMI ATHANASOPOULOS

Philip Liu response PL

Adrian Stubbs response – adrian stubbs


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