Just before you vote…read this…

“OK: Hands up if you want to be a Stonnington councillor and are unencumbered by a deep knowledge of planning law. Good. Keep ’em up if you haven’t helped the Orrong Group.”

We have had a number of queries from prospective voters asking us which candidates have proven supportive of our tireless odyssey otherwise known as the Fight the Towers campaign. 

As a non-party-political body the OG does not take a position on recommending candidates for the coming election. However, we can state that we have received a good deal of support from Councillors Ullin, Sehr and Chandler and that they have pushed for the Supreme Court Appeal. 

They are all very familiar with the development, planning law and our stance. (This stuff takes a lot of time to master – we aren’t talking about a second storey extension with pergola here.)

It is fair to say that no candidates other than the above-mentioned have provided active support during the 590 Orrong Road campaign. Perhaps the last two and a half years have been too busy for them to call, or letterbox, or display posters or take our briefings…

 BTW: all candidates were sent our questions and all who responded have had their answers/comments on the OG site.


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