Meet the new crew

lend lease development 590 orrong

You’ve heard of the Secret Seven, the Top 40 and the G8? Well meet the Stonnington 9.

Democracy has happened. Meet the results.

Rest assured we are meeting with all councillors explaining our position in the lead up to our third and biggest year yet.

You will be aware by now that 3 of the former Councillors Melina Sehr, Claude Ullin, South Ward and John Chandler, North Ward were re elected.  This retains some experience and knowledge of major issues on the new Council.  The six new Councillors are Erin Davies, John McMorrow and Adrian Stubbs for the East Ward, Sam Hibbins for the South Ward and Matthew Koce and Jamie Klisaris for the North Ward.

 The Orrong Group Committee has congratulated all the Councillors on their election and has invited them to meet with representatives of the Orrong Group for a briefing on 590 Orrong Road.

 In his first year on Council Matthew Koce was unanimously elected to the position of Mayor.

 We have congratulated Matthew and in his response he has invited the Orrong Group Committee to meet up with him.  We will organize this as soon as possible as there are some very important and urgent matters to discuss. 

You may remember that before the election the Orrong Group invited the candidates to complete a questionnaire on their stand on a number of issues and in particular 590 Orrong Road. Of the new Councillors we received responses from Adrian Stubbs, Matthew Koce and Sam Hibbins. These responses can be viewed here.  

We suggest that you contact the Councillors yourself to discuss their approach to the development, the largest in a residential area of Stonnington.

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