Whatever happened to that whole UDF thing? Learn more here:

orrong Group decisions

As the graphic shows, some may find the UDF process unfathomable.


Who said this? Read on…          


Our last update gave the history of the UDF/Amendment C153 and the procedure for incorporation in the State and Local Planning Scheme.  So please refer to that section before you read the following.

For clarification: Despite VCAT approval of a Planning Permit for a development of 19 building with height of up to 13 storeys and a density of 466 units, Council rightly decided to proceed with the Amendment and to have that incorporated as soon as possible.

If the Supreme Court appeal is successful the Court will direct that the case go back to VCAT. It is hoped that this will enable the case to be fully reviewed.  It is important that the Amendment with maximum height limits is incorporated in the Planning Scheme and can therefore be seriously considered by VCAT.

The Council’s Amendment went before a Ministerial appointed panel (Planning Panels Victoria) and submissions were presented by Council, Lend Lease and the Orrong Group to the 2 member Panel over 4 days in late October /early November. The Orrong Group was represented by an excellent Town Planner, John who is also a member of the Orrong Group.  John presented well argued submissions (3) and gave an impressive oral presentation. We are so grateful for John’s help.

We fully support the Council’s proposal to achieve protection for the site but we have problems with the Council’s decision to increase the maximum height to 24 to 26 metres (8 storeys) and to not include a maximum density level in the Amendment. At the hearing, and in our submission, we sought a return to the Council’s original maximum height of 17 and a half metres (5 ½ storeys) and a maximum density of 250 units. At the hearing it became clear the density proposed by Council was likely to be 466 units.

The Panel will release its recommendation very soon. The recommendation will be referred to Council for decision – either to refuse it or to accept and seek the Minister’s approval for inclusion in the Planning Scheme.

When the Panel’s recommendation is received Council will seek the community’s views and this will be our LAST opportunity to have a say on the UDF.   We will let you know as soon as we receive the recommendation and we will call on you to again state your views.  It seems this never ends – you will all be asking “how many times do we have to state our views before we are heard” Sorry this is the system.

So whose quote is above? This was made by one of Lend Lease’s “expert” witnesses in answer to a question by an Orrong Group representative.  He was asked to give a summary that could be passed on to the community and he answered as above. So there we are – no matter how high and huge a development is the community we will get used to it in time!

Lend Lease’s two expert witnesses had some amazing views. Both considered the site was so important and had so many attributes, huge amount of open space, transport etc that is must be developed to its optimum. We guess that special qualities deserve to be enshrined in concrete.

They considered that a private developer had no obligation to provide any public open space within the site and that setbacks need to be at a minimum – there was some debate on a 2 or 4 metre setback on some boundaries.

Lend Lease is totally against the UDF proposal.


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